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At Strategy and Business management group our clients are partners, their opinions are respected, and their success is paramount. This is why we deliver business, leadership and career consulting and coaching; in a way that other managed services and consultancies can’t.

Workforce shifts, declining profits, disruption, and uncertainty pose increasingly challenging demands on leadership. The questions posed to leaders have never been more difficult and the response never more critical. This is why we exist – to co-create customised leadership solutions in true partnership with you and your internal team of experts.

Driving transformation through organisational strategy, succession planning, leadership and professional development, business transformation and strategy and implementation, we will help push you further. Be bolder and achieve more.

Female entrepreneur working at home office confirming the order on phone.


We deliver solutions for individuals, teams, organisational effectiveness, development and cultural transformation.

Building a business can be one of the hardest things a person does. Our Business coaching services at Strategy and Business Management Group helps you address modern-day challenges by coaching you through the practical skills you need to build your confidence and grow your business.

Whether it’s a pinpointing strategy disruption or operational complexities we’ll work with your leaders every step of the way, we’ll help you pinpoint your team to develop actionable and impactful ways to overcome whatever challenges they are facing while developing skills and capabilities across your business.

Business and the skills required to lead are changing at a rapid speed. Sometimes its hard to keep up and stay in the game. For you or your team, this means sharpening your skills, learning new tools, and developing more capabilities to help advance in their career. Our leadership and professional development coaching will create personalised development journeys for all of your people, at whatever stage they are at.

At Strategy and Business management Group we know that theres no one size fits all solution for businesses. So, our team do things differently. We don’t just give you a blueprint for HR change and then leave you to it —we work with you to bring your people strategy to life, shape your culture and shape the future of work.

With expertise in the disability, personal care, government, public education, and health and wellness industries, our consultants deliver in-depth insights and services to help you identify opportunities. This helps to improve your talent and leadership recruitment and development, diversity and inclusion programs, organisational design, and more—helping you leverage your most valuable assets: your leadership and your people.

What got you here won’t get you there. Business and leadership challenges– commercial, operational, financial, regulatory and risk – require a shift in mindsest allowing your leaders to acknowledge the current challenges within their team and leadership and how best to unleash transformation.

Our industry-leading consultants will guide your organisation through an end-to-end redesign and modernisation of your strategy, operations and systems. This will help your team imagine, deliver and run your business wherever you compete to give rise to new competencies and guaranteed business growth.


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Drive Transformation and Success with our People, Strategy and Organisational Performance Services. To transform your business, a simple fix to a policy or process rarely cuts it. Work with one of our experienced Entrepreneur Development Managers for us to learn more about you, your business - the people, mindsets, skills, structure and culture you have now - and your pain points. Then we’ll look at where all those things need to be, and make a plan to help you clarify your business needs and translate them into an operating model, structure, and process - all with your people and culture in mind.


The goal of every organisation is to improve its top and bottom lines of corporate performance. To achieve this, your organisation is required to periodically evaluate its business processes, assess its continuing suitability & effectiveness to meet the defined objectives. This is where an organisation often stumbles on to how much to do and where all to set objectives and at times even scared about the controls & monitoring that need to be deployed.

Our team specialise in working alongside you and your team to strategise a bespoke performance improvement roadmap aligning all the business processes in line with the corporate goals while also identifying gaps and fats; and revising the operational / functional criteria for process performance.


A great strategic plan is a necessary business toolkit, but without proper execution it will be relegated to the shelf and you’ll reach this time next year with little progress being achieved.

The Strategy and Business Management Group team has a mastery of strategy implementation ensuring your strategy becomes a living, breathing part of your organisations life propelling you in the fast lane of success. Using deep industry expertise and human centred design methodologies, we will work with you and your team, to execute your strategy and drive growth maximising business outcomes and unleashing internal capabilities, building new ways of working and reimagining leadership.


Transformation is challenging, together with organisational complexities and needing to do things in new ways can feel risky, but that doesn’t have to always be the case.

With Strategy and Business Management Group, we enable change through improved customer value, engaged staff, and united leadership. Focusing on your people and operational efficiency, our team will assist you to identify your critical factors for success and the metrics required to identify areas for improvement, deploying a Cross Functional Team to determine and implement solutions. We employ methodologies to monitor and analyse solutions and assess effectiveness; and recognise efforts made and celebrate achievements.

Strategy and Business Management Group’s expertise in process assessments and problem-solving methodologies including dashboards will help your organisation to achieve assured results with focused efforts.


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